Campaign Report: Road to Badajoz (part 2)

Campaign Report: Road to Badajoz (part 2)


The second session of this game was very frustrating for all concerned. We decided that the severe rainfall in Extremadura was probably the cause. The simple fact was, no one could cause any damage because either the attack dice was too low or the defence dice was too high, in equal measure – it was all down to the mud and wet powder.

By the end of turn three (two non-turns having ended early), divisional morale dice were also too low for either side to press any attack with conviction.

The British had been pressed but, every time they suffered a reverse they successfully rallied. To frustrate the French further, attacks in column were being stopped, with minimum casualties, by British firepower morale challenges at the crucial moment.

With the rain falling heavily on everyone’s parade, the French offered the British a draw – allowing them to withdraw back to Elvas (Estramoz). And, Soult had failed to arrive.

Casualties were assessed – and they were very low considering the amount of dice rolled. The Anglo-Portuguese had lost 3UI killed and 8 UI hospitalised; the French had lost 3 UI killed and 10 UI hospitalised.

The campaign continues….

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