Cavalcade Ming Chinese Infantry

Cavalcade Ming Chinese Infantry

Finished these up using a very simple „uniform“ followed by Minwax staining. The flag is from the Perry website’s Imjin War Korean flags article.

They’re nice figures that should fit in well with the Perry Joseon Koreans. To be honest, in my opinion, the poses of the spearmen remind me a bit of the Old Glory Ashigaru figures too. This might be due to them having the same kind of plastic broom bristles for their spears.

This is just a small Ming force, but wanted them as they ended up being the main opponent against the Japanese as the Imjin War progressed.

Awaiting the arrival of shields for the armored swordsmen. Plan to base the swordsmen as singles on washers, just like their armored Korean couterparts. In any case, glad to have stumbled on these figures on ebay as like I mentioned in the previous post, they seem to be out of production now. Well, all for now, and thanks again for your visits.

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