Cavalier 23 Loot

Cavalier 23 Loot

I think I had a rather successful time at Cavalier last Sunday?
Here’s what I bought…..shhhhh don’t tell the Mrs!!

From the excellent Iron Gate Scenery a large Sailboat and 2 Spanish Reconquista figures
Yusef Ibn Tashfin

Victory Cross at Peleyo

Just gotta paint them like they have now???

A collection of figures from the one and only Col Bill.
5 WSS Grenadiers for Donnybrook Imperialist army and a donkey.

2 Belt Fed Girls, Dabria – Angel of Death and Charlene a Vietnam War Surfer Girl
Charlie Don’t Surf, but Charlene does!!
Also two more pack of civvies from their Border Reiver range.
Border Bairns – Lads & Belligerent Border wife and Bairn
My first time buying some of Brigade Models luvvly 2mm building. (I did get stacks for Xmas from Mrs R and the kids) I bought some Mediterranean houses and a Vauban Fortress.
2 cans of green spray

A selection of Valleji paints

And loads of stuff from Debris of War!!!
Here is where my wallet was emptied the most!
Two great looking ponds, one looks like it may need cleaning out with all the green algae floating in it.
Also some ruins.

4 packs of great looking hedges to add to………
this luvvly lot!! I spotted these hedges on Debris of Wars Facebook site on Saturday and saw they were up for sale at the show. I couldn’t resist!!

Lastly, more stuff from Debris of War
some 2mm grass tufts and 3 packs of rows of vegetables.
I’m gonna use these for scenery in my 2mm Almansa projects. They’d make great hedges and maybe a field of Olive trees, you never know????
And that me spent out, until the next show that is!!!


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