Childhood Living Is Easy To Do…

If you had an indulgent mother who nurtured your interest in military subjects – particularly uniforms and armor. Seeing blogger buddy Jonathan’s recent Palouse Wargaming Journal post of Genoese heavy cavalry made me reminisce of similar model soldiers in childhood books which I still have. The „Color Treasury of Model Soldiers“ has some splendid images from days gone by. All of these books are from the 70’s when I was young grommet growing up in Hawaii. Thankfully, I’ve kept them ever since.

My mom, now 86 years young and still living in the same house I grew up in back in Hawaii, bought all of these for me – save the „Military Dress of North America,“ which my cousins got for me for Christmas 1975. Incidentally, my aunt used to work for the Hawaii Public Library and would get me all kinds of books on said subject. Yes, I was totally indulged at an early age. Thanks for letting me share a bit of my history and best wishes to you all!

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