Classic Crypt Scorpion and new propainted now online

Now re-molded and back in production is the classic Tabletop Miniatures fantasy code 576 Crypt Scorpion on Flagstone.  Good for 15mm and 28mm scale wargame and dungeon crawl games too. You can get it in a pack of six or as a single creature on its page.  On top of that we have taken 10% off its price!  Our classic 15mm news for the month.
576 Crypt Scorpion on Flagstone
15mm Scale Miniatures.  Useful in 15mm or 28mm scale. This pack contains six identical Scorpions on integral Flag Stone bases. The miniature is white metal and is 16mm across the base. You can choose from a pack of six or a single miniature from the pack.  Ideal for 15mm or 28mm dungeon crawl, skirmishing or swarms. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.  Go HERE.
The image showing 28mm Elf and Halfling is for scale only and these are not included.  They can be found in FL13 and FL14 Adventurers packs.  Go HERE.
Alternative Armies supplies hundreds of wargamers all over the world with many thousands of pro-painted and based miniatures every year.  We now have new pro-painted items in stock on our website as well in their own pages.  We have now added 15mm scale ready for use codes to the website including HOTT Armies and single based Monsters and Creatures for fantasy wargaming. See them all HERE. We also have new added 28mm Fantasy and Ganesha Games miniatures on our pro-painted page of the website HERE.  Players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo can find now new in stock pro-painted and based for immediate play codes for those games on the Valon page HERE. Please note stock is limited due to hand painted nature and what you see in the images is the product you are purchasing. Painted and finished to a high tabletop standard here in Scotland.   Excellent value with the price including the miniature itself.
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