ClearFix Tip - When It Goes Yellow Get a New Bottle!

ClearFix Tip – When It Goes Yellow Get a New Bottle!

ClearFix is obviously a bit like snow – when it goes yellow beware what you can use it for! To be fair you typically use so little of it at a time, unless you are making a plane per week you may never ever use a whole bottle. In my case, years will go by before you pull it out of the storage tin (which may or may not help being away from direct sunlight). Indeed as I found out to my cost when making my Vietnam helicopters, ditch it if it goes gloopy and yellow. Clearfix (though slow in drying and bonding clear plastic to normal plastic) is however the way to do aircraft canopies .. otherwise the terrible chemical affect that I do not understand ruins the cockpit look. ClearFix is a wonder chemical when clear but buyer beware avoid the yellow (see below, RHS clear and „Good“, LHS gloopy-yellow and very bad!):   

I had to resort to covering up a smeared mess on one helicopter’s side windscreen [reconnaissance Gun-Ship Loach, if you really wanted to know] with Tamiya X-25 transparent Clear Green. Note, authentically it was used on top horizonal window covers of Vietnam Huey’s and Loach’s alike to cut down on glare from the sun above [?] I am guessing – but I don’t think side windows were typically covered – but I think the „look“ seems to work (see below, my Italeri 1/72 „Little Bird“ festooned with decals – grinning shark mouth underneath):  

You have to be careful when handling Italeri as they are delicate, but beautifully made!

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