Cold War Blitzspiel

Cold War Blitzspiel

 Following on from the Cold War Brigade Commander game was…lunch.  After that we reconvened for John A’s game.  This has been in development for a couple of years now and John has had the questionable benefit of my input throughout.  John provided all the toys for this game, in which one toy AFV represented a real one.

I promised John I’d use this photo of his MTU-55 bridgelayer conversion.  The Sovs had a reinforced tank battalion.

The British force was built around a tank squadron, with an attached infantry platoon and Swingfire section.

Despite making a lot of smoke during their advance….

…the Sovs were soon making a lot of rather blacker smoke as the weight of British long range gunnery told.

A very jolly game which did much towards ‚proving‘ the concept of the rules.

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