Cold War Brigade Commander

Cold War Brigade Commander

This was a game run by Pete a couple of weeks ago.  It featured his own collection of 6mm toys and terrain on one of my terrain sheets.  Pete officiated while six of us demonstrated our varying levels of command ability.  The photos are a bit of a mix and were taken by various of the players.  Speaking of whom, here we all are!  Front row L to R: Bish, Andrew, Russell.  Rear row: Martin, John, me, Pete.  As always, silly hat wearing was encouraged.

The battle under way.  Each stand represented a company.  Us Yanks had a couple of weak brigades while the Sovs seemed to have a full division.

Mi-24 Hinds attacking one of Russell’s units.

I of course seized the opportunity to wear my Cavalry hat!

A nasty Sov trick was the Spetsnaz unit which appeared perilously close to my HQ.  Happily may chaps held it together and the wicked Commies expired in a hail of MG fire.

Pete doing pointing.

Sov tanks and AT engage US Mech infantry.  Russell’s brigade had whizzy new M-1 and M-2, while mine made do with older M-60 and M-113.  Not for nothing was my command known as ‚The Antiques Roadshow.‘

I particularly liked Pete’s woods.

Su-25s unsportingly bombing one of my battalions.

And who won?  We agreed that Russel’s bde having been very roughly handled it would wthdraw, while mine would too – to the next set of prepared positions – having seen off the Sov tank regiment which came my way.

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