Cold War Naval Carrier Battlegroup

Cold War Naval Carrier Battlegroup

One of my proposed projects for next year is to have a go at Cold War naval wargaming, which is usually seem as being a bit complicated and less than tub thumpingly exciting, perhaps due to the complexity of most modern naval rules. I’ve chosen Rory Crabb’s Naval Command as the ruleset to deploy, as it seems to be a bit less mind bending than some other rules options and also covers pretty much all of the aspects of modern naval warfare that you would expect including maritime strike and surveillance, submarine and anti-submarine warfare and amphibious landings. 
On a slightly different tack from the usual RN or USN option, I’ve decided to start with a 1980’s French carrier battlegroup built around the aircraft carrier Foch with an escort of anti-aircraft destroyers, ASW destroyers and frigates and an attack submarine. I’m using Davco 1/3000th scale models rather than Navwar this time, as the castings are better even if the range available is more limited. I’m going to start this project early next year and will be adding a Soviet battlegroup to match, once I’ve cleared the decks of my current ironclad projects.

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