Congo Figure Storage Solutions

I usually use KR Multicase foam trays and cardboard containers for my 28mm stuff but, with all the pointy spears and big shields on the Congo figures  I thought it would, be better to store them upright. As I’ve based them on 2p coins, the obvious solution is a RUB insert with magnets, so I’ve been shopping around for the best ones. I think I’m going to go for the Charlie Foxtrot version, as it looks ideal and isn’t that expensive, with a tray holding up to seventy seven figures. I have forty eight figures in the Forest Tribes column, so there’s plenty of space and room for an other twenty nine figures to spare, which could be enough for an Expedition or Zanzibari force. I’m a bit short of pocket money, however, so I’ll have to wait until pay day to splash out on the tray and also some of the nice resin tents and baggage that Charlie Foxtrot has in his webshop thingy.

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Autor: Jim Jackaman / Jim’s Wargames Workbench

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