Copyright, licenses and mapmaking…

Been finishing off some top-down map assets for Wonderdraft tonight – which led to some thinking about how I want to license assets like that – obviously it’s good to get them out so folks can use them, but equally it’d be nice to see some small reward for the time that I put in.

A bit of thought and discussion later – stuff like that (map assets, 3D files, etc – not scenarios or the like) I’n going to put out as CC-BY-NC, which means it’s under a Creative Commons (CC) license, so you can use it for your own projects; if you publish the result for others to use, you should credit me (BY); and this is restricted to Non-Commercial (NC) use.

Commercial use? Ask me. To quote what I’ve said on the linked page, while I am (obviously) interesting in making some small return on my effort, I’m equally interested in supporting independent creators and getting my work out there. Depending on who you are and what your project is, commercial licenses for things I create may range anywhere from ‘just give me a credit’ upwards.

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