Coronation Day 1953

Coronation Day 1953

Back in September last year, I wrote a bit about the Coronation Day celebrations that were held in 1953. I included a photograph of me at a street party held in Frazier Street, Waterloo, SE1 …

Coronation Day 1953

I subsequently realised that I was probably sitting next to my cousin Jacqueline, who is exactly three years older that me.

I do have some vague memories of the day, and I have since found a memento of the Coronation that we must all have been given at the street party. It was a newly-minted Crown coin (what would have been five shillings (5/-) or the equivalent of 25p in decimal currency) in a hard plastic case. I still have mine, …

… along with several other commemorative coins that have been issued down the years. I understand that in good condition and still in its case, this coin is worth about £30.00.

I understand that the coin was designed by the sculptor Gilbert Ledward, and the obverse features the Queen riding on horseback rather than her face in profile, which is normal on Brtish coins. The reverse features a crown in the centre of an emblematic cross formed from a thistle, rose, leek and shamrock, the symbols of the countries that make up the United Kingdom.The edge inscription reads ‚Faith and Truth I will Bear Unto You‚ which is taken from the Coronation Oath the late Queen took 1953.

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