Corsairs and Cavaliers Latest

Corsairs and Cavaliers Latest

I had an email from Paul at Tumbling Dice today with a list of all the new modern and post war aircraft he’s going to be releasing at some point soon, with several designed to complement the Corsairs and Cavaliers Football War rules that I’ve written (quantities and price may be subject to changes):

ISA 271 C54 Skymaster x2 £3.00
ISA 272 C45 Beechcraft x3 £2.00
ISA 803 Cavalier/Mustang (wing tanks) x6 £2.00
ISA 825 U17a Cessna/Stinson x4 £2.00
ISA 842 T28 Trojan x6 £2.00
ISA 842a T28 Trojan (rockets) x6 £2.00
ISA 848 Cessna 310 x4 £2.00
ISA 849 PA 28 Piper Cherokee x4 £2.00
ISA 850 T41 Cessna Mescalero x4 £2.00
ISA 857 T34 T34 Beechcraft Mentor x6 £2.00
ISA 858 O2 Cessna 331 x4 £2.00

He also suggested a small amendment to the set up for transport aircraft that I’ve now edited into the rules, with transport planes like the C-54 / DC-4 and C-47 / DC-3 now crossing the table from the enemy to friendly long edges, rather than flying a diagonal course across the table. I think this will work fine but I’ve also reduced the VP’s for doing a successful transport run from 2 to 1 in order to reflect the shorter distance travelled and the lesser chance of an interception by enemy fighters.  

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