Crowd-funders collaborating with content creators

Are you a small game designer?

Are about to put out there your first RPG?

Do you sculpt some amazing miniatures and now you want to mass produce them?

In a word: You did a thing, made (or are in the progress of making) a crowdfunding campaign?  And now you want it in peoples faces?

Great! Hit me up with details on what you do and we’ll see if we can’t help each other out.

You offer: early insights in your project

My offer: I do a blog post, a video on my YouTube channel or both.

We both gain views. Hopefully.

Sounds cool? Then hit me up!

sundancer A T

(Who would have thunk?)

Image by Yaroslav Danylchenko on Freepik

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Autor: SunDancerGE / Warmonger

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