Cryptmass House and our 28mm Snowman Christmas Range

Cryptmass House and our 28mm Snowman Christmas Range

Great news! Back in 2013 we did a short run of a resin building and then retired it. Now that 100mm tall kit is back. The Goblin Cryptmass House joins the Gifting Kitton as well as our Snowmen in 28mm scale ready for your table in our Christmas Miniature Range.
What is Cryptmass you ask? Well it is that time of year in the World of Valon, setting of Flintloque, Slaughterloo, En Garde, Frontear; when the snows come and festive things occur. With one difference. Around the city of Londinium and other places the dead…come to visit. Putting them back in the crypt is an annual pastime of the Orcs, Elves and Goblins among others. Joccians even rifle their pockets to see if the deceased have any coin. 
59007 Cryptmass Goblin House: This fine dwelling is a ten piece resin kit comprising walls, roof, chimney as well as laurels (3) and a hanging Dodo (1) which can be put anywhere on the building. The snow is part of the building on its roof and elsewhere as are the coal filled festoons. A fun piece for your gaming table. 
We have twelve different Snowmen in 28mm scale. Traditional, Fantasy, Black Powder and Sci Fi. Each is a set of three (or a value pack of twelve) or a full set of all twelve with a saving built in. Snowmen feature in special rules for Flintloque as well which you can find on our BLOG in a series of linked articles. 
Our 28mm scale Kitton range of Cat Folk has its own take on the festive vibe with 58018 Santanyan the Gifting Kitoka. Japanese Fantasy!

15mm Christmas Miniatures 

Lastly the second half of our Christmas Range page contains all of our 15mm scale festive codes. Snowmen, Xmas Trees, Gingerbread Men, Presents, Snow Monsters, Jack Frost plus HOTT Army and one of each sampler as shown. Great fun and in packs and value bundles too. 
Tis the Season plus the Winter Mega Event 2023 officially gets underway on Monday 23rd October (details in full then of course) but the 20% blanket discount on all orders automatically at checkout is active now. 
Thanks for your Time. 
GBS (Gavin Syme)

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