Cult of Odin

When I was to Salute 2015 I, Jonas and Dan mersey visited the British Museum. Dan gave us a realy good and interesting guided tour and also gave us each a replica of the Lewis Chess Piece „The Berserker“ as a gift. Sins I got it from Dan I have always wanted to use it for some Viking wargaming project, but I havent got around doint anything about it untill this summer. At first I thought I would do a stone statue of of him but then I got the idee of a more daring build, there I would turn the chess piece in to a Cult place for Odin, after all Odin was the good for the Berserkers, so I modeled it as sculped direct out of an old oak.

Unfortunate my camera broke down so all my WIP pictures was lost, but here you have a bunch of pictures of the finished model.

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