DAF’s Battles in 2018

Himself and the Heir Apparent tag team at Gross Jagersdorf in August 2018

I did a count of the wargame battles that I fought in 2018 and found that I crossed sabres 14 times during the year. Four of the affairs were solo games and ten were with groups of players.

For your convenience I have posted links to all of the game reports on my blog during 2018:


The Battle of Kingston from my AWI South Carolina Campaign

Kunersdorf (December 17, 2018) Kunersdorf
Hobkirks‘ Hill (September 9, 2018) Hobkirks‘ Hill
Kingston (June 1, 2018) Kingston
Zorndorf (March 2, 2018) Zorndorf

Dean West (left) hosting one of his Final Argument of Kings SYW games at the
SYWA convention a few years ago. Dean passed away in June of this year and he will be missed very much.

Leuthen (December 1, 2018) Cavalry Battle  Leuthen Part II
Mafrica (October 18, 2018) Testing the Dervish
Shalalabad (September 15, 2018) Shalalabad
Gross Jagersdorf (August 18, 2018) Gross Jagersdorf
Wild Geese Conference (June 2018) Day One  Day Two
Zorndorf @ SYWA Convention (April 13 and 14, 2018) Day One Day Two
North Africa WW2 (February 17, 2018) Ebb & Flow of Morale – Mine
Please click on the links above to go back in time and view the various game reports along with lots and lots of wonderful pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Gathering of the Wild Geese in the UK – June 2018 game.

The Battle of Leuthen – December 2018 game.

All in all, it was a very good year for wargaming that included two conventions: the Seven Years War Association in April 2018 and the Gathering of the Wild Geese over in the UK in June 2018. Conventions are a great time for catching up with old friends and making new friends. Isn’t this what wargaming is all about?

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