Davy Jone’s Locker #8


Hello, my fellow wargamers, the time is rushing and we are already more than halfway through 2019. Currently I am very busy with some hobby projects, but nonetheless today it is time for another fantastic issue of Davy Jone’s Locker, best in miniature wargaming. So lets jump right in.

Monthly review

Last month I was heavily involved in building my Macedonian army for Lion Rampant and Hail Caesar. Until now I painted most of the miniatures and already managed to play my first game of Hail Caesar. Of course, there will be more posts regarding ancient wargaming in the future. So stay tuned.

The next big milestone in the hobby was the purchase of my first 3D printer. I fancied with the idea for quite a while. I even backed two Kickstarter for wargaming scenery months ago. Especially for my upcoming fantasy campaign, a 3D printer would be amazing.

So I decided it was finally the time to take the plunge. Until now I am very happy with my decision. I printed some stuff from these Kickstarters and the prints are superb. I will share my experience in this regard in more depth in an upcoming posting series.

Purchases this month

But I am not the only one being productive in our hobby. As always I want to share my top five picks of the month with you.

#1: Painting an M18 Hellcat

The first pick is a lovely tutorial on how to paint an M18 Hellcat by miniatures4u. The tutorial is pretty straight forward. If you have a hellcat on your painting table, give it a go! I wish that tutorial would have been available as I was painting my Hellcat for Bolt Action and Chain of Command.

#2: Awaiting for the Bel Azur (Congo AAR)

Now it is time for some action on the tabletop. I want to share an amazing AAR with you. Lions, daring action and other adventures. Time to go to Africa, using the Congo rules. The AAR is highly entertaining and the gaming table is top notch. Nothing more to say, just go to Harold’s revenge and read it!

#3: Hobbies make us happier

While browsing the web I find this interesting article from the Guardian about hobbies in general and their benefits. So the next time you get mocked for playing with tiny figures, just ignore the naggers and enjoy having science on your side! I like the picture above because the elderly gentleman reminds me of my father, who is big into model railroad too.

#4: The Trading Floor (AAR)

The next pick is a Spectre Operations AAR. Inspired by Strike back this is a lovely write up about a tense game. For someone like me who loved Strick back and Spectre Operations, this AAR was a must read. I hope you will enjoy it too!

#5: Kings of War vanguard gaming table

The last pick is an amazing skirmish table for Kings of War Vanguard by Yith. Vanguard is a fast-paced skirmish system. I played it several times with my mate Robert and I can highly recommend it. The table Yith created is simply outstanding. Look at all the small details. It must be a blast playing on such a beautiful table!

That’s it for this issue. I hope you enjoy my picks. So stay tuned for the next issue.

If you have any suggestions or questions put them in the comments. And as always, happy wargaming!


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