DBA Friday

DBA Friday

Round to Chris K’s for an afternoon of DBA in his loose China campaign. There were six of us, and we were scheduled to play three games each. I got in a couple, as my first game overran a bit, and the others had finished so they swapped round and played a second game whilst we were rounding things off.

DBA Friday

My first game was against Richard M. It featured my Khmer against his Tang Chinese. I got in a bit of tangle, but was unlucky to lose two psiloi bases on first contact, one to a 1:6 dice roll. I also struggled to move anything with a run of low PIP rolls. made worse because of the elephant premium on movement.

In the end I pulled it back to 3:2 losses in my favour, but then lost a +5 to +3 match up with my elephant general to some scruffy infantry where I’d been flanked. I’d come unstuck by pushing my luck without enough PIPs, so I lost the game 3:4. My first loss in quite a while.

Second game was against Peter D. Peter plays a lot of DBA and hosts tournaments. I took my Burmese for this game and he had Nan Chao Chinese. 

I was defending and had to set up first, so Peter had a clear plan, and matched his army up to get the maximum advantage. I had an idea of going wide and encircling flanks whilst making a big hole with my elephants.

I had a few issues with not understanding the mechanics perfectly (got pinned in a ZOC behind my own troops for example), but rode my luck as well as my elephants and fluked a 4:0 victory. Tactical genius, see? Peter could justifiably be miffed, although once we’d started I don’t think I made any further mistakes.

Anyhow, it passed the afternoon pleasantly enough.

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