Desert Sand Spray Paint

We went to get new tyres fitted yesterday, as it is cheaper to do this in France than back on the UK. I spotted a rack of spray paints in the tyre fitting shop and so took a closer look. I use the Halfords aerosol paints a lot, especially the ultra Matt camouflage ones, so I was chuffed to find a whole range of similar shades from a Dutch manufacturer called Motip. 

The one that stood out for me was a desert sand colour, which is a match for RAL 1001, whatever that means. I bought a couple of cans to use for some new desert terrain and possibly as an undercoat for AFV’s, if it is any good. I want to make some modular terrain tiles for 15mm skirmish games but I’m a bit bored of Halfords khaki. They weren’t‘ very expensive either, so I may well get some more when I’m back over here in a couple of months.

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