Desert Spitfires RAF Shading

I base coated  the overall metal RAF aircraft yesterday, using Foundry Spearpoint, so followed that this evening with a wash in 50:50 Future / Black Indian Ink and a light dry brush in Spearpoint again to blend in the shading. I’ve added a couple more PR Mosquito recce aircraft to the RAF contingent as well, having noticed that they can be quite an asset in the game, winning 2VP’s for flying all the way across the table assuming they don’t get shot down in the process?

The next step will be to block in the canopies, prop bosses and exhausts with Vallejo Matt White, so that I can overpaint them with the relevant shades. From bitter experience I’ve learned that painting over the top of metallic colours tends not to work very well, as the surface is a poor key for the non-metallic colours. I’m busy tomorrow evening so may not get this bit done until mid-week, when I also hope to start on the Spitfire FR18’s. 

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