Devil Frog 6mm artillery released at Bradley Miniatures

Devil Frog 6mm artillery released at Bradley Miniatures

The General Carrier/Ordnance tractor (GeCO) represents a venerable lineage of military light-motor utility vehicles. The most common of these is the GC454 Devil Frog.  The Devil Frog is able to haul a large field gun, it’s crew and ammunition as well as provide security with it’s light armor and roof mounted machine gun.  A compact bifuel-cell drive provides good range and simple logistics, ensuring that any size Colonial force is likely to include them in its ranks.

Now released a new pack at Alternative Armies giving your 6mm forces some long range hitting power.  As always the pack contains four complete sets of tractor and field gun.  You can also select a single gun and tractor or if you wish get the tractor or field gun in any quantity you wish on their own.  Total choice.  Easy to assemble.  Go HERE for the range.

No matter which science fiction or modern game system you play in 6mm you will find something of interest in the Bradley Miniatures range.  There are infantry, powered armour, bikes, light vehicles, medium and heavy vehicles, mecha, walkers and terrain each of which comes as a single model or in a pack from which you can select a single if you wish to tailor your army to exact numbers.  Great for any game system. Go HERE.

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