Discount Death in the Dark Continent

Northstar had a very brief sale on yesterday of these rules, the last two versions of which I already have but never got round to playing, despite being keen to give them a go. So, for no very good reason at all, I have now got the third edition in glossy, ‚ooh shiny‘ hard back. I have lots (and I mean lots) of 28mm lead and plastic for this but a little voice keeps whispering 10mm to me, which would be an ideal scale given the multiple figure basing and no casualty removal factor, not to mention the cost and visual impact. Oh well, at least I’ll have lots of glossy pictures to flick through and an excuse to dust off the plastic sprues of Zulus and the metal Matabele from the various boxes they have been stashed away in, if only to put them all back in again like I did with Congo!

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