Dispatches from the front XXVII - Care Packages & Testers.

Dispatches from the front XXVII – Care Packages & Testers.

The first dispatch of 2023.

The desert campaign is progressing at pace, but a distraction arrives in the post. Fighting over the same land a mere 832 years earlier. An excellent kickstarter campaign from Footsore Miniatures with their latest release for the Baron’s War rules.

I may have gone a little OTT with my backing, sooooo much lead and a resin fort, enough to keep me going well into the summer of 2023….

I am looking to strike a balance between the Baron’s War campaigning option but also recreating Standard Games Outremer from the 1980’s. 
With a couple of projects now in the pipe I need to focus but the urge to get these on the paint table is strong despite a growing pile of WW2 Western Desert forces for the Exporter Campaign.

On the subject of Exporter reinforcements arrive from the Perry Twins in the shape of more Vichy French and the crew for an 88, as if the Allies did not have enough to worry about.

On the painting front the first of the German’s clear the paint table, these are from the Gentleman’s War set from Warlord Games and bolstered by several freebies donated by club members, plenty more to do which will eventually bring the number of German squads to 8 plus supports.

I was a little uncertain as to the right palette so tried a couple out, I am really pleased with the results, I wanted a mix of the Olive Green Tunic for some and the locally bleached tunics to blend in with the desert terrain for others.

Both were dulled down with with an Army Painter flesh wash, the mix of tunics should look great on the table top and give that lived in campaign feel.

For those interested this is the paint guide.

Tunics, Caps – Vallejo Iraqi sand or Vallejo Yellow Green.
Helmets Gasmask Container – Vallejo Green Ochre.
MG Strap, Rifle Pouches – Foundry African Flesh
Boots, Water Bottle – Vallejo Flat Earth
Gaiters, Water Bottle Top, Entrenching Tool Cover – Vallejo English Uniform
Webbing, Bread Bag and Shirt – Vallejo Stone Grey
Rifle – Foundry Tan 13B
Flesh – Foundry  125C Med Light Flesh
Bayonet, MG – Black

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