Dragon Lizards by Nick Bibby classic 1980’s Asgard range returns

Dragon Lizards by Nick Bibby classic 1980’s Asgard range returns

Long requested and we are happily now able to give you all of these early 80’s classics as singles plus a value set of all and a cavalry mount option too as asked for. Out of production for many years the entire Dragon Lizard range is now on our website joining the rest of restored Asgard.

From D1 the smallest to D6 the largest (one of the biggest metal models we make) the Dragon Lizards work in any scale.  Here are the codes on their own brand new range page.

D0 Dragon Lizard Set (D1 to D8) Save 10%

D1 Lesser Dragon Lizard with Sword & Mace

D2 Dragon Lizard with Lance

D3 Dragon Lizard with Sword & Mace

D4 Dragon Lizard with Axe & Mace

D5 Mace Tailed Dragon Lizard

D6 Dragon Lizard Juggernaut

D7+ D8 Dragon Lizard Mount with Human Rider

D7 Dragon Lizard Mount (Use with any rider)

These are very detailed and rather special miniatures sculpted by the great Nick Bibby.  Examples painted by Studio Maxi Costales.  Go to the website for scale pictures and more information.

Suggested to us by customers we now have the option of purchasing one or five or ten with savings of the D7 Dragon Lizard Mount (suitable for any Human sized rider) to make up units of unique cavalry.  Enjoy!

Creatures of Chaos Range.  Restored and painted by Studio Maxi Costales these miniatures are the very start of Chaotic sculpted by Nick Bibby, Jes Goodwin and John Blanche.  Singles and Value Set for your warbands.

Spring Mega Event 2024 is on!  See the ARTICLE for full details but in short automatically 20% off all orders at checkout, 80 new codes and free War Bot II in your package.  Super stuff and applies to everything on the site and any deals discounted on screen the 20% is on top of that.


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