Dragon Rampant – Pot Boiler – Water Margin Style.

A little behind on my posts of late – Last week saw another Dragon Rampant outing, we opted for Scenario F – Pot Boiler replacing the pot for the evil Prefect of Qingzhou.
10 members of Liang Shan Po have been captured and the Prefect is in the process of signing their death warrants. After Turn 3 for each turn the Prefect remains unharmed he executes one prisoner. As soon as the Prefect is contacted by our heroes the game is over – hopefully with the prisoners rescued.

We picked our forces and I opted for Lu-Ta and a mix of cheap Bannermen with some Palace Guards to give some muscle for the heroes of Liang Shan Po. My opponent went for batches of Heavy infantry, some nasty looking flame throwers and the Foo Dogs.

I opted to spread my forces around the outside of the table looking to take advantage of any gap with some light cavalry, afterall all I had to do was contact the Prefect to win the game.

The Government forces were quick out of the blocks rushing the Foo Dogs forward and driving off my first Banner unit who fought valiantly and took the dogs down to half strength, I was losing my numerical advantage.

Lu-Ta leads the charge supported by the Guards and yet more Banner men. If I could defeat the Temple Guards and the General we would be through before the other defenders could rush in.

The Flower Priest falls but not before he takes the Temple Guard with him, I am forced to bring my light cavalry into play to keep my opponent from bringing his heavy infantry and flamethrowers into play.

The remaining Bannermen charge forwards but are defeated by the enemy General, so close yet so far – A prisoner is put to the sword… ouch..

The Palace Guard charge forward pushing back the enemy General but not before another prisoner is executed.

Our heroes are victorious capturing the Prefect and freeing the remaining 7 prisoners..

A great mid week game – Dragon Rampant always makes for a fun encounter and the games always seem to run to the wire. Stay tuned for more Water Margin encounters in the coming weeks.

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