Dux Brittaniarum – The return of the Irish

After the bloody encounter a few weeks ago, time once again to venture into the world of Dux Brittaniarum this time with the Irish taking to the field and an Irish Raider force looking to sack a village on the mainland.

Short of skirmish and missile troops, my Elizabethan arquebus were pressed into service to fill the ranks of the attackers.

I decided to form all of my raiders into a central block they are pretty niffy in attack but take on shock rather to quickly if caught.

The village looked deserted but then the local lord and his heavy horse made an appearance, freshly painted and looking to crack some Irish heads.

More defenders appeared on the rise above the village, missile men and levy, a quick dart in and plunder was begining to look unlikely.

I pushed on up the centre of the field whilst the enemy cavalry moved to take the high ground on the right flank, I had to counter this calling forward my noble cavalry.

Battle lines are formed. My skirmish units on the left started chipping away at the enemy formation, I can’t inflict kills but the shock can break them if you pour enough fire on them. In the centre my raiders face off against the enemy cavalry whilst on the high ground we both stare each other down with our heavy horse.

The Irish stand off continues neither side looking to commit, whilst the defenders bring up further foot to protect the village from the raiders. Something had to give.

It’s not very often that you have the perfect card combination, but every now and again 🙂
Now one thing you need to remember with raider cavalry is, the greater the shock the enemy have the more attack dice you get….. ouch….

The defenders were slaughtered like pigs!!!!
The enemy cavalry were wiped from the field without any losses on my side.
(Sorry SWF. but I could not help myself and had to include the pic when you went and made the tea.. you should never have left the pigs in the box :-)….)

Despite the loss of the noble cavalry it was to be a short lived victory, the raiders faced by two solid shield walls and with most of the skirmish troops having been driven off, the Irish could make little head way in their goal of sacking the village.

The Irish line contracted and started to fall back under increasing shock. The raiders in a final gamble charged the levy shield wall only to be forced back with multiple points of shock. There would be no loot to be taking home this evening.
Another cracking enounter going on way past midnight… I might even be tempted by some of the new footsore miniatures to bolster the Irish ranks…

Right back to Haiti….

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