Dwarf Rangers from Blue Mountains #1 (Oathmark Dwarf Light Infantry)

Dwarf Rangers from Blue Mountains #1 (Oathmark Dwarf Light Infantry)



I invite you to see the first two dwarves (Oathmark Dwarf Light Infantry) for my collection of figurines from the world of Middle-earth today.

I added some equipment to the dwarfs, such as a beer mug and coasters with mini ruins (probably from Micro Art Studio if I remember correctly).

        The models will act as guardians of the mountain trails in the Blue Mountains (from the times of my favorite I WA and III from the events known from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings).

       My dream (probably since the first time I read The Hobbit) was to make a team of dwarves in hoods – that’s why the team will have colorful headgear (as in the original team of Thorin Oakenshield).

The Blue Mountains were a mountain range also called Ered Luin and Ered Lindon. They separate Eriador from Beleriand and Lindon.

        These mountains were a great range running from south to north. The highest peaks include Mount Rerir and Mount Dolmed. In these mountains were the sources of many of the rivers of Ossiriandu and Eriador. The largest mountain lake was Helevorn.

        In the early ages these mountains existed as the western part of the great wall around the sea of Helcar. Separating them from Belegaer and protecting Valinor. Corresponding to these mountains were the Orocarni range to the east.

        It was in these mountains that the Firebeard and Broadhip dwarven tribes were awakened.
In the First Age they built their headquarters here near Mount Dolmed in the cities of Belegost and Nogrod, trading with Doriath and Maedhros. The Green Elves also settled here, calling the highlands Lindon (land of singing).

        After the War of Wrath, part of the range collapsed and was flooded, allowing the passage of the Lhun River and the formation of Moon Bay. A small part of Lindon has survived. The kingdom of the last Noldor in Middle-earth, led by Gil-galad, arose here.

       Most of the dwarves moved to Khazad-dum. This happened either because of the ruination of the cities, or because of the proximity of the sea.

       After the Dwarf-Orc War, King Thrain II established his throne in the northern regions of the mountains. After Smaug’s attack on Erebor, many of the dwarves there resettled in Ered Luin. Thorin’s Halls were also built there…



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