Eagle of Empire infantry rulebook out now as .pdf

My matey Sören has just released his Eagle of Empire rule, Rulebook 1: Infantry Skirmish dedicated to support his 28mm Franco-Prussian war miniature range.

The rules are avaliable in .PDF file at the moment in the EoE webb shop.

Even if i´m a bit bias I must say Sören made a great work on the rules, they give fun, fast and intence games, especially the layout of them, looks great.

Some side spread samples below.

Empire of Eagle also started a collaboration with North Star Miniatures and have just released a fist box with North Star Franco-Prussian War minis in the Prussian Jägers box of 2 squads.

Boxed set of 16 Prussian Jägers, with 12 skirmishing action poses and 4 command figures incl. bugler, officer and troop card.

Recognised by their special shakos and dark green uniforms, the Jäger units were the elite light infantry of the Prussian army during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71.

In the Eagles of Empire Rules, the Jägers will feature some expert firing abilities, keeping the French advance at bay with their marksmanship.

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