Easter 2018 Carrot Pile and Giant Mutant Chicken

Happy Easter from Alternative Armies!  We are in the midst of the March to War event and this event has an Easter theme to it; among all the awesome new releases.  As well as free worldwide shipping on all orders over 15GBP we are putting a free carrot pile into every order worth 2GBP as Easter is about bunnies and they eat carrots.  On top of this Easter is about cute fluffy chicks and we have one of those!  Re-mastered and re-molded the big mutant Chicken that is the Cluckkatrix by Grinning Skull Miniatures which is 50% off during March to War until 16th April! 

GRN48 Cluckkatrix
A Giant Mutant Chicken which is equally at home in your post-apocalyptic or horror or science fiction games in most scales such as 28mm and 15mm.  This code contains one multiple part high quality grey tone resin model which when assembled stands 40mm tall.  It is easy to assemble and is not supplied painted or with a base.  Shown on a 40mm round base.  It is part of the Grinning Skull range of miniatures and is the ultimate evolved form of the Chukk warrior.  Sculpted by Will Grundy.  Price 8.00GBP.  Go HERE.
Alternative Armies likes to give wargamers treats and extra fun to keep the joy in the hobby and to that end the brand new Carrot Pile is in every order until 16th April for free.  What can you use it for?  Nothing…everything!  A scenic piece, an objective token, perhaps a wizard turned an Orc into it, your Burrovians in Flintloque love carrots and have a Karrot Kart.  Lots of things and it is laugh too!
BS25 Carrot Heap
This code contains one high quality grey tone resin model which is a heap of carrots recently dug from the earth or summoned into existence.  It is a great item for dioramas and for scenic purposes as well as with your Burrovian Army in the World of Valon.  On top of this it is a great fun piece which can be placed in a 25mm or 28mm scale farm yard or field adding depth to your gaming table.  The heap is 25mm across at its base and is about 23mm tall which is waist height on a 28mm Human miniature.  Price 2.00GBP. Go HERE.
We have many different useful codes in our Battlefield Bits Accessories and Dice page of the website.  This includes twenty different bits and sprues with tankards, fruit, glass bottles, pies, pistols, gear and more in 28mm scale.  There may well be something there for you.
Have a great Easter from all of us here!

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