Eastern Friendly Indians – Imex

As with the Lewis and Clark set this lot will end up as part of the Bodstonian Landscape.
15 poses but two, the canoe rowers,  have already turned up with the Lewis and Clark set so I didn´t bother to paint them up…yet.
A really good Thing with the set, just under half are female.

The women folk.
As usual, the women are the ones working – cleaning Skins, making bread, carrying Wood etc.

The Party folk.
Exactly what the dancer has attached to his stick I don´t know. It could be feathers or leaves but they look more like leaves so that´s what the ended up as.

The Hunting folk.
The one crawling is converted from the leafy stick man. He´d been base painted but our kitten chewed the top off his stick. The rest of the stick was removed, a spear added, a bit of twisting here and there and he´s turned into a crawling bod.

The „Don´t you DARE shoot that thing at me!!!“ folk
The Making fire Folk Man
The one  great Thing about Imex is they had some brilliant ideas and very well sculpted, if a Little on the large size as far as the bods go.
The not so good Thing is that they stopped making new sets. I´d have liked to see more from them, especially the sets they had planned…amongst them this Little lot. 

Columbus & explorers
French & Indian War Mohawk Indians                   
Knights of the Round Table                            
Archers, Bowmen & Pikemen                             
Mounted Knights                                     
Tournament Knights with Support                       
War of 1812 British                                  
War of 1812 Americans                               
War of 1812 Creek Indians                           
Pony Express                                        
Farm Animals, Wild Animals & Buffalo             
Rogers Rangers                                      

I could have made use of all of them 🙁

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