ECW 15mm Walking Wounded released and Furioso postponed

ECW 15mm Walking Wounded released and Furioso postponed

Unfortunate news for you and some new releases too to kick off October too. We have decided to postpone the English Civil War rules by Steve Danes (Furioso book three) publishing until the new year.  Our loyalty to our local suppliers remains and we apologise to those looking forward to the new book sooner.  

It will be worth the wait and we shall let everyone know in plenty of time before a pre-order is revealed.  This is beyond our control and the best outcome we can have due to circumstances.  

The Free 15mm Ruined Arch will be put automatically in all orders until the 17th October as promised and the 20% auto off at checkout on the entire 17th Century Range and the entire 16th Century Range will be in placed until the 12th October as outlined.  This update supersedes that made earlier at the end of September.

New releases!  These have been brought forward a wee bit as a treat.  Three new 15mm scale miniatures depicting the walking wounded and are great for peppering into your regiments to add flavour to the infantry.  They are online now and take the new English Civil War poses up to forty five in total!

MR168 English Wounded Sling Arm 17thC

MR169 English Wounded Walking Staff 17thC

MR170 English Wounded Bullet in Arm 17thC

I wanted to remind everyone that the 15mm Turkish Ottoman army is in the 17th Century Range and features infantry, cavalry as well as command and sappers plus a great bombard and crew.

Thank you for your time.

GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

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