El Agheila - First Africa Korps Engagement.

El Agheila – First Africa Korps Engagement.

The first outing for elements of the German forces, combining forces with the Italians as they launch an assault on the British lines around El Agheila. A small town with a fort on the coast.

March 1941 and the German’s with their Italian allies attack the Western Desert Force. In February 1941 El Agheila was taken by the WDF following the destruction of the tenth army during Operation Compass. The British halted and moved to deal with the Axis invasion of Greece. This gave the German Afrika Korps under Rommel a chance to arrive and launch an offensive which retook El Agheila.

Let’s see if history runs true?

The German and Italians advance up the road supported by a Pz II

The defenders of the old fort.

The HMG opens up on the attackers.

The Axis forces press on, the Vickers HMG and a couple of Boyes Anti-Tank rifles do what they can to slow the advance. The Italians and Germans duck and dive avoiding the sporadic fire.

The defenders of the Fort were under pressure as the Italians mass. Several attackers are killed but the German mortars zero in on the out post and the defenders are whittled down.

The Axis press there advantage and push into El Agheila – the road to Troburk was open….
A fun encounter and for once freshly painted troops win the day.

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