Encounter at McDowell’s Camp (AWI Campaign)

The battlefield for McDowell’s Camp, with the British approaching from the  bottom of the picture, pursuing the Americans who might be anywhere on the table from the town to the back end of the table.

After the British victory at Winnsboro on Turn 3, Cornwallis sent Tarleton and a force of 3SPs off to the northwest to pursue Colonel John Sevier’s force of 4SPs. DeKalb had split his army for the retreat, taking 8SPs with him as he retired on Charlotte, and sending Sevier’s back woodsmen in the opposite direction in the hope that Cornwallis would also split up his force to pursue both of the American armies.
Tarleton halts in front of McDowell’s Camp to make a reconnaisance.

A closer view of McDowell. Are there any American forces deployed in the town?
The strategy seemed to have worked as planned, but maybe too well as Tarleton caught up with Sevier’s force as it returned back to its starting point at McDowell’s Camp.
Tarleton makes a recon of the field before him and expects that some of the Americans might be hiding in the town, planning on springing an ambush. The terrain on the British left (first picture below) could pose some problems as the avenue of approach is flanked on both sides by woods. The American militia like to hide in the woods.
The terrain to the left of the town, from the British point of view.

 The British right flank looks a bit more open and Tarleton thinks that he might be able to maneuver his cavalry to outflank the town. However, another wooded area on the right table edge could hold a militia battalion or two.

An aerial view of the battlefield. There looks to be some open country on the right that would be suitable for Tarleton’s British Legion cavalry to attack any American forces in the vacinity.

The view from the American table edge, looking back towards McDowell.

Colonel Sevier starts the battle with 4SPs, but he has called out the local militia and it appears that two militia battalions will join his army for the battle. Will the local militia arrive in time for the battle, and if they do, will they be of any use?

Sevier decides to send off his baggage train, ahead of his army, toward his only line of retreat which goes back to Gilbert Town across the North Carolina border.

Colonel Sevier sends his baggage train on ahead of his army.
I hope to have the time to fight this small battle as a solo game tomorrow evening. If not, then my nephew Alex is arriving in town on Thursday and he is eager to cross swords with Der Alte Fritz on the table top, so we could fight this battle together.
Stay tuned for more…

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