Fast Attack Soviet Backed Flotilla

Here’s the line up of Skytrex, PT Dockyard and Combrig 1/700th scale models for the Soviet backed flotilla, ready for the weekend when I’m planning to start gluing them together. The big hitter is a Grisha class corvette in resin from Combrig, which is a lovely model that I bought from the now defunct White Ensign Models and stashed away. I also have a couple of pre-built Dragon Tarantul class corvettes but they are a bit ropey, so I’ll leave them out for the moment.

This is backed up by a pair of Skytrex Osa FAC(M), a pair of less punchy Komar FAC (M), a Shershen FAC (G) and a single rather light weight P4/5 FAC (T). There’s also a Turya FAC (T) hydrofoil from PT Dockyard which I may leave out of the line up, as I think I have enough for a decent force already? I’ll be adding some aircraft and helicopters as well but that can wait until I’ve completed the naval force first. These will be from the Tumbling Dice 1/600th range, with plenty to choose from in the spares and leftovers box.

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