Fat Frank's Desert Roads

Fat Frank’s Desert Roads


After much prevarication and futile thoughts of ‚I could make that myself one day‘, I got round to acquiring some desert road pieces from Fat Frank, which you being used a lot for various wargaming purposes. These are homemade from black plastic material coated in glue and sand then dry-brushed in a suitably arid shade of what looks like magnolia emulsion. As such, they are pretty simple but no less effective, plugging an obvious gap in my 28mm scaled desert terrain. I chose the 70mm wide version which works as a single lane track in 28mm and a double lane roadway in 15mm, so pretty handy for skirmish games in both scales. I’m quite pleased with these as long as they don’t curl up or fall to bits, but I may do a little bit more painting and decorating with some tufts to blend them with my existing terrain. Now, where did I put that stagecoach…..?

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Autor: Jim Jackaman / Jim’s Wargames Workbench

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