Female Landsknechts 28mm released

Female Landsknechts 28mm released

„In the time of the Renaissance the battlefields of Europe looked on in fear at the massed blocks of pike and other Landsknects who fought for coin.  While none of them were women..perhaps in an alternate reality…“

The new twenty eighth code in our FL range contains four different 28mm metal miniatures. Choose from a pack and from single miniatures within it by pose.  These miniatures are semi modular with separate arms.  Go HERE. Poses in this code are as follows:

FL28-01: Female Landsknecht armed with Halberd.

FL28-02: Female Landsknecht armed with Crossbow.

FL28-03: Female Landsknecht armed with Sword.

FL28-04: Female Landsknecht armed with Arquebus.

These can fit right into fantasy campaigns and perhaps historical ones of intrigue too.  See the whole FL range of 28mm fantasy HERE

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