Festive Range in 28mm and 15mm scale at Alternative Armies

Festive Range in 28mm and 15mm scale at Alternative Armies

We have a wide array of miniatures in our Seasons of Celebration range on the website.  Many wargamers and collectors love to assemble skirmish forces or complete armies (such as a HOTT 24AP Army) at this time of year and since it is Event Month with us (see our BLOG for details) this is a good time to bring the snow.  Go HERE.

There are a total of twelve different 28mm scale Snowmen split into three traditional, three fantasy, three black powder and three science fiction.

Each of these is in a pack of three or a value bundle of twelve plus there is an asked for code containing one of each of the twelve.  There is also the Ice Queen as you can see here with her magical blade.  Also the Uhul with Laser Cannon from the 28mm Alternate Stars range.

In 15mm scale we also have snowmen as well as killer xmas trees, abominable snow monsters (with optional little Xmas hats), gingerbread men, psycho presents and Jack Frost.  These are in packs and we have the pictured sampler with everything plus a HOTT Army with free element bases included.

Thank you for your time.


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