FIASCO 2017 – Zorndorf hits the road again

Those who follow this blog will know that my expanded SYW collection is largely down to committing to doing a demo game of Zorndorf 1758 at Triples in 2014. Game aside, that show did not go well (the worst experience I’ve ever had at a wargame show) and the thought of doing Zorndorf again at another show has been a hurdle that I’ve not been able to jump – even though I had originally planned to ‚tour‘ the game for a year or so. 

However, wounds heal and I’ve decided that my Zorndorf game will be at Fiasco 2017 this Sunday. 

Here are some shots of the game I took today prior to packing it all up for the show. The playing space is 14 x 6; there are in excess of 1500 figures (including some new wagons from War Bases – see next post).

Fiasco details

Anyone wishing to join in this game for a few turns (or the day) need only ask. There are only three Lads doing the game this weekend, so a few more people to actually play the game would be welcome. As with the Cerignola game last month, places are limited and the game is not child friendly (sorry about the latter but, it’s not a ‚true participation game‘ – we leave that for others). 

The rules will be Warlord’s Black Powder with some fairly simple house amendments. If you want to play, my address is in the side bar – book a place.

If you are passing, drop by to say hi.

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