Finally played a game

Finally managed to get down to the club & played a game of Saga 2nd Edition, 
this is only the second time I’ve managed to play the second edition. 
Craig & I decided to play a 4pt game to help us get our heads around the changes. 
The Warbands that we used were Craigs Welsh VS my Vikings, 
both of us taking 3 units of Warriors & 1 unit of Hearthguard along with the Warlords. 
In the new rules if a unit isn’t within ‘L’, or move within ‘L’ of an enemy unit they get to perform a manoeuvre (?)
 which is basically a free move without having to use a Saga dice. 
This means that you can get your units into position easily. 
There are new cohesion rules & All figures in a unit now get to fight in combat as long as you can charge 
& stay within the unit cohesion rules. 
All units are now exhausted on 3 fatigue, which means that you need to be more careful with the Hearthguard & Warlord. 
The Warlord now has 8 attack dice & can only pass wounds to Hearthguard & he also doesn’t ignore the first wound,
 but can take a fatigue to cancel each wound. 
If you are careful with the position of the Hearthguard, he is surprisingly survivable. 
After a hard fought battle, where the Welsh didn’t manage to make the Vikings into javelin filled pin cushions, 
They ended up with only 2 men left, after the Viking Warlord managed to slay the Welsh chieftain. 
Victory for the Vikings & free reign over the Welsh countryside. 

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