Finest Hour Squadron Personalities

Finest Hour Squadron Personalities

I had an idea to use the personality generation tables in Nordic Weasel’s No End in Sight skirmish rules to create some backgrounds for the pilots of No27 Squadron, RAF. This is a similar system to the one in Joe Legan’s Squadron Forward but with a little bit more flexibility and variety in terms of character motivation, leadership style and personality traits. I really like Ivan’s approach to this sort of thing, so it made a lot of sense to use his system for Bag the Hun.

I allowed myself a little bit of wiggle room so that the characteristics I rolled up on a D100 matched the skill levels of the pilots that I created using the Finest Hour tables, but this was kept to an absolute minimum and wasn’t really needed apart from the initial background roll. Anyway, here’s the end result for the pilots currently assigned to flying duties, with more work to do to devise names and some detail to their respective stories. 

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