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First Completed „Post-Retirement“ Project – Wargames Atlantic Great War French & Germans Infantry

 I may have mentioned it previously, but I just retired on 30 April from my job with Washington State. My actual last working day was last Thursday, the 28th – so had time to work on two boxes of Wargames Atlantic Great War French and German Infantry. These painted up quickly as I used an old can of Army Painter Wolf Grey to basecoat the French and a can of Krylon Camouflage Olive to base the Germans. Painted them up with the usual block painting and Minwax stain – followed by a little highlighting.

The French box is short 12 figures which I had used for Tirailleurs for a Western Desert WW2 game. 

Minimal equipment with a no-frills uniform really sped up the process. I used Vallejo Grey Blue to highlight the uniform.

The Germans also have minimal equipment and the late war uniform has simple cuffs with non-exposed buttons – again making for quick painting. The Krylon Camouflage Olive is a very close match to Vallejo Fieldgrey – the latter used mainly for highlighting.

Here they are with their earlier painted brethren.

The French are now 58 strong, and the Germans 60. Still need to had some HMG teams.

Here’s a shot showing the Germans base-coated with the Krylon Camouflage Olive and only the jackets being painted with Vallejo Fieldgrey.

On the gaming front, I have a Saga game tomorrow (first time in years), and a Bolt Action WW1 Middle East game on Friday. So I suppose being retired does have benefits when it comes to the hobby. Thanks for dropping by and wishing you the all the best.

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