First St Albans – Set Up and Troop Strength Assessment

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve committed to hosting a Lion Rampant game based on First St Albans. Since this game was played out a few times in the past, albeit with slightly different troop compositions, I am fairly confident it will work. In the previous games, several mounted units were included; this time there will be only foot units. Also, the table size, due to the venue, will be 5X6′ versus the earlier 5X8′ tables. No worries for either changes. So without further babbling, here are some staged shots of what it could look like in close combat if all units were engaged.

As noted in earlier posts, I sold off all of the WotR figures I had, and recently replaced them with Perry figures (mostly plastics). Remembering the nice 4-Ground Mordanburg buildings – as well as the GW tower to replicate the St Albans clock tower, in storage bins was the motivation to rebuild the WotR collection.

The capture of Henry VI will be a victory condition for the Warwick/Yorkist rebels.

Some of the banners and standards, like those of the Earl of Oxford, were not present at this engagement, but I’ve included them to add some splash.

At first, I thought there were only enough figures for 5 players, but once I grouped them into retinues, it seems there are enough for 6 players. 6 players seems to be a good number, at least here locally, as it allows for buddies to sign up for games, as well as keeping the GM duties manageable.

The Warwick-York forces. Three retinues – the one on the left having three Foot MAA  units and two Foot Yeomen unit; the center one, Warwick’s, with three Foot MAA units and three Foot Yeomen; the right retinue with three Foot MAA and two Foot Yeomen units. I’m thinking of grouping the Foot Yeomen units as Mixed Bows and Spears (Polearms) – giving the bows less range than Archer-only units, but more movement.
The slightly smaller Royalist forces. The retinues on the left and center having two Foot MAA and two Foot Yeomen units each; the retinue on the right having only one Foot MAA unit and two Foot Yeomen unit. Most of the bowmen will be in Archer-only units; giving them slightly better range – from their defensive positions within St Albans.

As far as painting goes, a Perry Double-Arc Field Piece is next. This will be used for the Bosworth game. Until the next post, best wishes to you all!

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