Fistful of Lead game 2

Some pictures from our second Wild West shootout using the splendid Fistful of Lead rules. This time The Yolly gang had managed to be appointed Sheriffs of Sunny Hill and they was going to guard the Stagecoach overnight, with some valuables on top. At least two rival gangs of scumbags was planning to capture the valuables… it was time for some gunplay… Both Killer Kims Killers and a new gang just arriving to town set out to drive of the town Sheriffs…

After a chaotic firefight the newest gang in town, The Burke Gang, was king of the hill and managed to capture the shiny stuff, but they also lost one of their gang members, the notorious Zingo Kid that was captured and imprissoned by the town Sheriffs from the  Yolly gang.. hang him high… 

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