Fistful of Lead Last Man Standing Shootout

Fistful of Lead Last Man Standing Shootout


I had a good game of Fistful of Lead: Reloaded at the club yesterday, although it ended up dragging out at the end as the lawmen hunted down the last of the bandits and finished them off. This was a simple last man standing scenario, with five figures for each posse, the lawmen aiming to stop the bandits escaping on the waiting railroad train at the far end of the towns main street. The game swung too and fro with both sides well matched until the last few turns of the game. The highpoints included a lawman using his shotgun to shoot upwards through the roof of a saloon at the bandit on top, another lawman smashing through a window, doing a forward roll and attempting to shoot a bandit, who promptly shot him stone cold dead with his pistol, and a long range rifle shot which picked off another lawman as the attempted, very badly, shoot a prone and defenceless bandit, yet again fluffing his shooting roll not once but three times at point blank range. It was good fun as always but next time I’ll have a time limit!

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