Five Parsecs From Home - Solo Campaign - Round One

Five Parsecs From Home – Solo Campaign – Round One

I played the first round of my solo Five Parsecs From Home campaign on Monday afternoon.

You can read about the crew on the previous post:

Five Parsecs From Home – Solo Campaign- The Crew

Having gathered a crew together, they decided to look for some work… As it turned out, Jordan Fafferd already HAD a job they could do, down on the frozen surface of Zzarvazdan. Some scientists that had some connection to his parents were looking for some help. They needed someone to protect a technician that had to venture into a deep cavern and replace a Power Cell on some remote sensing device that was failing. 

Vsssri also presented to the rest of the crew some information they had gathered about a „big score“ and there was definitely something there… But the Job for the scientists had short timeframe, so they decided to go with that. 

Besides job for the scientists should be in and out with no trouble at all… but the region, and especially those caverns, were known to be inhabited my Mega-Ice-Lice! 

Before the job, Gdork and Vsssri decided to do some training, Renata Starchild and LRD-A55 went trading, and Jordan Fafferd and Nordin just went exploring the settlement on the planed. 

Renata Starchild managed to find an operations manual for the Scout Ship she’d recently obtained and spent some time reading it. LRD-A55 managed to sell some stuff they found in the back of the ship and had no need for. Fafferd managed to find a gambling den and managed to lose the spare colony rifle they had as a back-up weapon… but he swears he doesn’t have a problem. Nordin managed to get lost and spent a long time wandering the streets and alleys of the settlement. It was so… open and… uncrowded… The total opposite of teh cramped and claustrophobic Mega City he’d grown up in… He almost started to think he could settle down here. He didn’t owe these guys anything… 

The crew got back together and met up with the Technician. 

The Technician 

Only Nordin didn’t show up on time!? The Technician was adamant that they needed to leave right away so they could get there before the sensors completely shut down and all the data was lost! So Starshild send Fafferd to go and find Nordin and catch up as soon as they could in the spare transport! 

It was a long distance to the remote caverns and Fafferd and before they arrived at the site, Fafferd had found Nordin and they were on their way. Upon arrival, the Technician, again, insisted there was no time to lose and they should enter the caverns immediately and could not wait for Fafferd and Nordin to arrive. Besides, she told them, they still had a few hours until dark, and they mostly came out at night… mostly… 

Approaching the sensor equipment. Renata Starchild led the way, to make sure it was clear of any dangers. 

Mega-Ice-Lice in their lair nearby. 

Looked like the coast was clear. 

The crew seized the initiative, catching the Mega-Ice-Lice off-guard and asleep. 

Almost there… 

When suddenly the cavern was swarming with the terrifying bugs! 

The team opened fire but the creatures were TOUGH. It took multiple hits to bring them down – which didn’t even seem to outright kill them! 

Vsssri took up a firing position on the flank, to draw off some of the Mega-Ice-Lice. 

Gdork fighting off the Mega-Ice-Lice with their shatter axe. Even a weapon that brutal had a hard time breaking through the bugs hard carapace. Starchild slashed and stabbed and parried with her Glare Sword. 

Gdork roared with savage frustration as they kept beating the creatures back, only for them to get up and charge again!? 

Things looked bleak, but slowly they whittled down the bugs numbers. 

Finally, Fafferd and Nordin caught up! 

Even LRD-A55 had to fight off the Mega-Ice-Lice at close range. 

Even with Fafferd and Nordin’s help, it was all they could do to keep them at bay. 

Gdork surged forward into what remained of the swarm as their numbers started to dwindle. 

LRD-A55 moved up to try and clear a Mega-Ice-Lice away from the sensor equipment. 

Gdork took down the last of the Mega-Ice-Lice with a mighty swing of their Shatter Axe! 

Having cleared the cavern, the crew formed up around the Technician and sensor equipment while the Technician did her thing. 

The scientists were very generous with their pay. Renata had been concerned that they might be annoyed by the unprofessionalism of Nordin being late and requiring Fafferd to stay behind and end up being late to the party, but as it all turned out well and it was clear the outcomes could have been much, much WORSE, they didn’t even mention it. More jobs might be available, if the crew were to stick around… 

Renata wasn’t quite sure WHAT to do… She was quite rattled by the savageness of the bugs. Though she’d been in a few scraps back on Shoshti Station, some of which ended up with people dying, NOTHING had prepared her for the brutality the greater universe had to offer. The two-bit thugs she’d fought in the past generally had given up and fled as soon as one of their number was seriously injured or killed. Every last one of these giant bugs had to be taken down! 

What will happen next… Will they take more work from the scientists…? Will they follow Vsssri’s leads…? Will REnata Starchild just decide adventure and FAME were not worth the risk and sell off her newly aquired starship – without even taking it to another world – and go back to doing odd jobs on Shoshti Station for the rest of her life!? 

Tune in next time to find out! 


I don’t know if I’ll go through the whole pre/post game sequence for future games (if there are future games). I thought I would this time, though… I think a more narrative focused story (above) of the crews exploits will probably be more fun for me to write (and fun for you to read!?)… I thought I’d do this for any that might be interested in the guts of the game and how it plays out.  

(and if anyone is REALLY EXCITED about this part, let me know, I can include it in further game reports!) 


1. Flee Invasion (if applicable) 

No invasion/ Not Applicable. 

This is the first round, invasion is determined in the end sequence, so there cannot have been an invasion, this step is skipped… 

2. Decide whether to travel

The crew has a patron in their start location which isn’t persistant, so if they want to use that patron and potentially gain a contact in the starting location, they have to stay and do the job… so… Despite their desperate desire to get out there and make a name for themselves and explore and have adventures… they’re sticking around Shoshti Station, at the planet Zzarvazdan

3. Starship travel event (if applicable)


4. New world arrival steps (if applicable)

Not really ARRIVING at a new world…. so… some of this doesn’t apply. Don’t need to see if Rivals have followed – they’re HERE! Don’t dismiss Patron – They’re HERE (that’s why the crew stayed!). 

I probably DO need to Check for Licensing Requirements… rolled a 4 – NOPE!

World Trait: Frozen (guess that must be referring to Zzarvazdan, it would be weird to have slippery ice all over the station!?) 

Any character making a Dash may opt to slide. They move 1D6” in a straight line, and must move the full distance. If they collide with anything, they – and any character they collide with – are knocked 1” in a random direction and become Stunned.


1. Upkeep and Ship Repairs

First upkeep is paid for the crew (cheques, booze, food, etc) which is 1 Credit (for a crew of six, if more are recruited, it costs one extra credit per additional crew!) – bringing the total down to 5 Credits. 

Next payments can be made on the ship’s debt, I decided to try and pay that shit down as quick as possible and paid the remaining 5 credits towards the ships debt… Lowering the Credits Owed to 18… but then every round that increases by one (interest) so it is now 19 Credits owed.

No repairs are needed at this point. 

2. Assign and resolve crew tasks

At this point each crew member can be assigned to a number of different tasks: Find a Patron, Train, Trade, Explore, Track, Recruit, Repait Kit, or Decoy

The crew already HAS a Patron, so no need to look for one.

There is only one rival, so I didn’t think it was necessary to either Track them down to confront them, or send out any crew as Decoys to throw them off the trail. 

There was no damaged kit to Repair.

I can’t really afford extra crew and don’t need to replace any losses, so no need to Recruit.

So that leaves Train, Trade, and Explore.

As no one is in the sick bay, I decided to assign Gdork and Vsssri to train. Renata and LRD-A55 would go trade, and Norigort and Jordan would Explore. 

Gdork and Vsssr simply gained +1 XP each for training

Renata and LRD-A55 made two rolls on the trade table:

  • Renata found an Instruction Book – A crew member of choice can read it and earn +1 XP. Single-use. I think that should be Renata reading the instruction manual on how to FLY her newly acquired Space Ship! 
  • LRD-A55 was able to Sell some cargo and earn 2 credits.

Nordin and Jordan made two rolls on the Explore Table: 

  • Nordin got  Completely lost – Rolling 1D6+Savvy, the scored a 5 – PHEW! Luckily they found their way back in time, otherwise they would have be unable to participate in a battle this campaign turn!? Either way, they got to roll again on this table to see what they find while wandering the streets. The result was „This place is rather nice, really….“ When the crew is ready to leave this world, unless it is being Invaded, they must pay 1 story point or this crew member will decide to stay behind. If they do, you can keep their equipment, though…. Ugh… Norigort… 
  • Jordan went gambling and despite swearing he „doesn’t have a gambling problem!“… the crew had to discard one item from the character’s equipment or crew Stash. (Good-bye Colony Rifle…) 

3. Determine Job Offers

Jordan Fafferd started the game with a Patron so rolling on the tables it was determined the Patron to be a Small Secretive Group that offered Danger Pay +1 Credit (No Benefits, Hazards, or Conditions), to do a job this turn or the following 2 campaign turns. 

4. Assign Equipment

So, this seems like a weird place to do this, BEFORE even deciding which job to do… but here we are… BAsed on the miniatures I rounded up, here’s what everybody got (and will probably permanently keep, unless they find something better, that looks more or less the same!?):

Renata Starchild – Glare Sword, Military Rifle, Communicator, Hazard Suit

Jordan Faffard – Hunting Rifle, Stabilizer

Norigort – Shotgun, Blade

Gdork – Shatter Axe, Machine Pistol 

Vsssr – Needle Rifle 

LRD-A55 – Concealed Blade, Scrap Pistol with Shock Attachment

5. Resolve any Rumors

The Crew also started with some Rumours, so I rolled to see if they had a Quest… and they DO! 

6. Choose your battle

Rolling for the Rival, they did not succeed in tracking down the crew! Phew! 

So the crew had a choice of doing the job for the Patron or Embarking on the Quest. As the Patron job was somewhat time sensitive, they decided to do that and hopefully make some money to get off this station and follow wherever their Quest led them! 


Deployment Condition: Delayed: 2 random crew members won’t start on the table. At the end of each round, roll 1D6: If the roll is equal or below the round number, they may be placed at any point of your own battlefield edge.

Ha-ha! That will be Norigort, who got lost and Jordan who went looking for them! 

Notable Sights: Person of Interest: Gain +1 story point. (I ended up kind of ignoring this as it didn’t really make sense for a person of interest just be hanging around in the cavern to talk to… I could have rolled again or something… but I just left it…) 

Objective: Protect

You will be accompanied by a VIP character (Reactions 1 / 4” / +0 / 3). They are unarmed and may never initiate a Brawl, but will defend normally. They cannot be given any equipment. The VIP must set up at least 12” from the center of the table. The enemy must set up 12” from the center on their side. Treat the VIP as another member of your crew.

If the VIP spends a full round within 3” of the center of the table, you Win. If you achieve this within the first 4 rounds of the game, you earn an additional 2 credits in pay.


6 Roving Threats – No Unique Individuals 

ENEMY: Large Bugs

NUMBERS: +2 (= 8!?)



COMBAT SKILL: +1 (Pack Leader is +2)



WEAPONS: Mandibles (Damage +1)

Over-sized insects and other creepy-crawlies are a distressingly common sight throughout space.

Easy targets: +1 when firing at this enemy.

Stubborn: They ignore the first casualty of the battle when making a Morale check

With this number, there would normally be specialists and a Lieutenant, but because these are critters without specialist weapons, they just get a Pack Leader that is an additional +1 Combat Skill.

(one thing I wasn’t sure of was DID THE MANDIBLES COUNT AS A MELEE WEAPON!? or were they considered unarmed and not get the bonus +2 to brawling for having a melee weapon. I kind of split the difference and gave them +1 – for a total of +2 to their roll) 

Set Up

I set up the bugs in one corner – it’s not easy to set them all up in the rampage set up pattern, when they have to be 12″ from the center of teh battlefield… but the battlefield is only 60cm x 60cm (slightly LESS than 24″x24″). The technician was in teh opposite corner – having to also be 12″ away. The rest of the crew could be a bit closer as the only other set up stipulation I could find was they could not start within 18″ of an opponent….? 

Before the battle I checked to see if the crew could Sieze the Initiative, and they did, so they each made a move before the first round. 


I rolled for reactions, but then decided not to bother and waited for all the bugs to move, which would hopefully bring them in line of sight. Then everyone started shooting. 

The bugs were TOUGH! They were super easy to HIT, but damn, to take them out their toughness had to be exceeded and their toughness was FIVE. So, needed a total of six and few of the weapons the crew had had any sort of damage bonus – except Gdork’s Shatter Axe… But I coudlnt‘ seem to roll highter than THREE when they hit!? 

Few ended up being taken out by a single hit. Hits that don’t cause an injury (knocking the target out of the game) pushes them back and gives them a STUN token. If a model receives THREE stun tokens, they are knocked out and removed from the game. So that is how the crew took most of them out!

Stunning also meant the bugs would not move into combat for a round – as models with stuns can EITHER move OR do a combat action and NO ONE ever STAYS in combat, because, along with the stun, the target is pushed back an inch. 

Renata shot first and hit and stunned the leader. Gdork shot second and got two shots with their machine pistol, which hit the leader twice dealing two more stuns and taking them out! That was a relief, as the leader was even nastier than the rest of the bugs. 

Ysssri also got off two shots with their needle rifle, dealing two stuns to another. 

At no point in the game did any of the bugs flee due to morale!


Renata got a quick action and took a shot at bug and missed! I burned one story point to re-roll and hit, dealing a stun… 

The Bugs surged forward, but did not have quite enough move to get into contact. 

Gdork charged and hit, but failed to wound, so stunned and pushed it back. 

Vsssri shot at a bug and stunned it. 

LRD-A55 moved up and shot a bug with the built-in pistol (and SHOCK ATTACHMENT – which turned out SUPER USEFUL!!! When hitting an enemy within 8″, if the weapon it is attached to does not injure the tartget it deals a SECOND stun marker) – that extra stun took out one bug! 


Jordan and Nordin arrived… I coudln’t remember if they got to act, and by this point I was tired of running up and down the stairs to look up rules on the computer (as I only have a pdf and don’t have a tablet to read them on… I may have to break down and buy a print copy of these rules…) so I just decided that they didn’t… 

I got THREE quick actions, so Gdork charged in and hit and stunned another bug. Renata shot and stunned one. And LRD-A55 shot and MISSED!? 

The bugs then charged – at least the ones that weren’t stunned! One charged LRD-A55 and took two stuns for it’s troubles. Renata was also attacked and rolled a tie, so BOTH were hit and stuned! Gdork got charged, and hit the bug and KILLED IT – I think this was the only time I took on down with a successful damage roll…? 

After the bugs charged Vsssri shot a stunned bug and finished it off. 


Quick actions for LRD-A55, Gdork, and Jordan. 

LRD-A55 shot and stunned a bug (twice). 

Gdork charged a bug and… 

Oh, yikes this was nasty… the green die is Gdork’s and the yellow die is one of the Mega-Ice-Lice they were fighting. In close combat, a natural six and additional hit is scored against the opponent. On a natural one, the roller takes an additional hit. Didn’t even have to roll for damage as three hits would, at the very least, cause three stuns and that would take the bug out anyway… 

Jordan moved and fired and took out a bug.. I didn’t make note if it finished off a stunned one or just took it out with a Damage roll of six, I’m guessing it was the former… 

All bugs remaining were stunned so, they cleared on stun each and moved for cover. 

 Vssri shot and missed…?! With both dice…?! I guess so!?

Nording moved and… that’s all I noted…?

Renata shot and dealt a stun to a bug, and recovered her stun marker. 


Quick actions for LRD-A55, Renata, and Gdork. 

LRD-A55 missed, but Renata and Gdork finished off the remaining bug. 


Technician moved into contact with sensor equipment


TEchnician spent full round in contact with sensor equipment

Game Won! Table Held!


1. Resolve Rival Status

Bugs cannot be Rivals… 

2. Resolve Patron Status

Having succeeded in this mission, the crew now has a Small Secretive Group Contact on Zzarvazdan! 

3. Determine Quest Progress

Wasn’t a Quest job… so… no progress. 

4. Get Paid

Rolled a 6 (+1 from Patron) = 7 Credits!? 

5. Battlefield Finds

Curious data stick / Invasion Evidence: You obtain a Quest Rumor. 

Weren’t even ON a Quest job and it’s moving forward! 

6. Check for Invasion

No invasion! 

7. Gather the Loot

Rare Substance – found some shinies in those caverns and the Technician didn’t care if the crew hauled it out… 

Roll 2D6. Receive credits equal to highest roll. ANOTHER SIX!

8. Determine Injuries and recovery

No injuries to roll for! 

9. Experience and Character Upgrades

Regina Starchild (+3 for surviving and winning, +1 for reading the starship instruction manual discovered in pre-game sequence = 4XP)

Jordan Fafferd (+3 for surviving and winning)

Nordin (+3 for surviving and winning)

Gdork (+3 for surviving and winning, +1 for being the first character to inflict a casualty, +1 for pre-battle training = 5XP)

Vsssri (+3 for surviving and winning, +1 for pre-battle training = 4XP)

Gdork has enough that they could increase Speed or Savvy… I think I might hold off on that for now… I feel like Gdork needs TOUGHNESS!! 

10. Invest in Advanced Training

Not going to do that just yet, not having nearly enough cash or experience… 

11. Purchase items

Purchased Pistol for Jordan Fafferd and a Blade for Vsssri

12. Roll for a Campaign Event

To celebrate their first success as a TEAM, the crew spends a night drinking, watching movies, and playing cards.

+1 story point. (which basically recovers the ONE I used…) 

13. Roll for a Character Event

Regina Starchild – All this endless violence is depressing her.

The character refuses to participate in any battle during the next campaign turn (except for an Invasion battle). Get +1 story point, as they get a new perspective on life. 

So… she CAN be used for pre-game assignments.. but will skip the battle… 


14. Check for Galactic War progress

No current invasions going on, so… nope… 


So… that’s the game. 

I had a lot of fun putting this together… Though it seemed like a cake-walk – with ALL of the enemy being taken out and all of the crew getting out without an injury, it did seem pretty touch-and-go for a bit and a few more unlucky rolls could have made it go completely the other way. 

I have a feeling that a lot of the ohter potential opponents might be a bit harder to deal with and there could be some more protracted firefights against more tactical opponents – who may not be as tough… but definitely know how to use cover and can shoot back!!!

Looking forward to the next game!  

I started a PAGE to keep track of the current status of the crew and ship and post links to ALL the game reports. You can find that HERE:

Five Parsecs – Silver Slip (Solo Campaign)

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