F&IW French Flag Day!

F&IW French Flag Day!

 Actually not an official holiday, but just wanted to post an update with the flags for the French. As mentioned in the previous post these were resized so they are closer to the 5 feet square dimensions of the period. Also assembled the troops for a group photo op.

No particular reason of which unit has them or not. Just had to use the standard bearer figures to fill out the ranks. Left to right – La Sarre, La Reine, Marines, Cambis, Cambis, Etrangers. The La Sarre and La Reine weren’t at Louisboug, but will proxy for the Artois and Bourgogne regiments that were there. The latter two regiments had white facings which would look too boring 🙂 As only the 2nd battalion of each regiment were at the battle, using the two known flags for the Cambis Regiment is likely incorrect, but such is the confusing in wargaming.

French forces less their Huron allies. There are 8 units of infantry, including 3 grenadier units. All except the 1 figure short Etrangers unit have 12 figures. Since I plan to use them with Rebels and Patriots they will be in standard sized foot units. Front row, left to right: La Sarre, Cambis grenadiers, Marines, La Reine grenadiers. Second row, left to right: Cambis, La Sarre grenadiers, La Reine, Etrangers. Third row: Marines in undress. Rear row: Coureur de bois, light artillery, and Governor General Drucour.

Plan to add flags to the British next – their flags were a bit larger, measuring about 6 feet square. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the blog!

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