Flames o War starter box – the Germans

I build a Panzer III with the long 5cm gun and a Panzer IV with the short 7,5cm howitzer

Since we are starting into the new 4th edition ruleset of Flames of War, I decidet to get me one of the El Alamein starter sets. Inside you will find everthing ou need to start the game. 2 German tanks (1 Panzer III and 1 Panzer IV) 3 british tanks (2 Crusader and 1 Grant), one rulebook, unit cards, dice, 2 dimentional cardboard terrain and markers and some quickstart rules.

The new plastic tanks are reall nice kits which could be build really fast. For some demo games next week I started painting the german DAK Panzer III and IV tanks. To bring some life in the one colour camoulage I tried colour modulation for the first time. Again, a reminder for me to finally gat a damn airbrush…

I started out with VMC Germ. Camo Beige. For the modulation I mixed it  with VMC Iraqui Sand. After that I highlighted all the edges with Iraqui Sand + white. The chipping was done mostl by brush, just a few spots were made with a sponge. I mixed VMC Intermediate Blue with black to create the look of the german dark grey colour.

The rest of the vehicle then got blocked out in base colours and shadet with AP Dark Tone. To finish the tanks the tracks got some drybrush with gunmetal followed by Iraqui sand.

I will paint up the brits once I have done all the other projects on my WIP list. Last week I plaed m first game Flames of War 4th edition and I really like the changes. The addition of the momement orders give some great tactical elements to the game bringing in some really nasty tactics for german armour.

I hope you enjoy the article. Cheers!



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