Flashpoint Alto Cenepa: FAE Finished


Mirage F1-J

IAI Kfir C2
Sepecat Jaguar International
BAE Strikemaster

Cessna T-37B Dragonfly

Bell 212, Aerospatiale Gazelle and Pumas

Aerospatiale Gazelle

Bell 212

I’ve finally finished the FAE aircraft and helicopters for the Alto Cenepa project, with only some rotor discs to add to the latter to complete the line up. I am now ready to try out the Wings at War rules and also set up a Target Locked On! historical scenario with Peruvian SU-22 Fitters against Ecuadorian Mirage F1’s. I still need to work out the mechanics for the Alto Cenepa Wings at War variant and produce some ground targets, but otherwise I’m ready to go.

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