Flashpoint Alto Cenepa: FAE Painting

Apologies for the blurry photo but the camera is on the blink again.

I finished painting the FAE aircraft for the Alto Cenepa project today, so they now only need the decals to be applied and the canopies gloss varnished to be ready to use. I’m not as happy with these as I am with the FAP aircraft but they will do. I don’t have any rotor discs for the helos yet but will order some as soon as possible so that they are complete.

I am going to leave the extra FAP aircraft for the moment as I want to do the planes for the Soccer War and also go back to the French ironclads to add another stage of painting. I also have another project that may hit the workbench at some point, which has nothing to do with tiddly planes or ships for a change but which I was thinking about way back at the start of the year. 

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